Private Equity

The Private Equity Department offers high net worth and institutional investors the opportunity to participate in a broad array of private equity strategies. These strategies include direct investments into companies as well as indirect investments into funds and funds of funds (both primary and secondary). Utilized properly, private equity investments can provide diversification, the potential for superior returns, and results that are not correlated to other traditional investment products.

The Private Equity Department provides our qualified clients access to investments in sectors that may not otherwise be readily available. These sectors include:

  • Venture Capital

  • Growth Capital

  • Leveraged Buyouts

  • Mezzanine Capital

  • Real Estate

Our objective is to offer sophisticated investment products that have the potential for superior returns relative to risks, when appropriate, for suitable investors.


Private equity investment carries significant risks, including a complete loss of principal and should be considered a supplement to an investor's investment program. By definition, private equity investments are not liquid. Investors must be prepared for long holding periods and should only invest funds that will not be needed for the foreseeable future. Investments offered by The Private Equity Department are only available to a limited number of qualified investors who meet specific accreditation requirements. Investing in private equity is not suitable for all investors.


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