Planning Services

In today’s world, managing your financial affairs has never been more challenging. The once simpler tasks of managing income, expenses, and investments has been made more difficult by inflation, depreciation, and the daunting array of investment vehicles and services that are available. Taxes are a constant - an ever present and seemingly ever changing constant. Managing one’s financial affairs has never been more challenging.


Oppenheimer's planning services focus solely on your specific needs to design a customized long-term plan. Through the planning process, your Oppenheimer Financial Advisor will work with you offering personalized guidance and value-added information.

Through the planning process you will define where you are today, and where you are with regard to your future goals and objectives. Through planning, you can work towards the financial future you desire with the right strategies in place to get you there.

Our ongoing goal and portfolio reviews will help you stay on the right track. By analyzing your goals, time horizon and tolerance for investment risk on a continual basis, your Oppenheimer Financial Advisor will help you update your plan as your circumstances and needs change.


Our Services

Through our planning services, we strive to identify where you are in relationship to your financial goals, and highlight those issues that may represent a potential obstacle to reaching your goals.

Our personal service begins with an analysis of where you are today and we then project that into the future to see where you are in relationship to your goals. We can help you answer many of the questions you may have.

  • Do I have enough to retire when I want to?
  • Am I saving enough for retirement?
  • How much will it cost to educate my children?
  • Am I saving enough to cover education costs?
  • Is my asset allocation the right one for me now?
  • Do I have an estate plan in place to provide for my family after I'm gone?

Your Oppenheimer Financial Advisor can work with you, your attorney and tax professionals to help ensure all your needs are met and properly executed. Oppenheimer does not offer legal or tax advice.