Executive Services

The Executive Services Group is committed to assisting our clients in accumulating and preserving wealth. As a corporate executive or an investor holding concentrated equity positions. you may own restricted or control stock that you have considered selling, or employee stock options that you want to exercise. Like any other investor, you are often concerned with the risks associated with the position. The desire to address such risks may be influenced by a variety of factors including tax considerations and regulatory requirements. Whether these assets represent a small or sizeable portion of your overall net worth, transactions in these types or securities require special attention.

We offer a range of sophisticated strategies aimed at protecting and enhancing the value of one's assets. This can take the form of facilitating a sale, creating a Rule 10b5-1 sales plan, or entering into a hedging transaction. Executive Services can also assist corporations with their Employee Stock Option Programs by providing financing for its employees and executives. The Planning Group has also developed the Stock Option Analyzer to help clients determine the value of their options and when exercising would be most appropriate.

When dealing with the members of the Executive Services Group you can be assured that your transaction will be handled in a manner that is consistent with your needs and objectives. Your Oppenheimer Financial Advisor can also provide you with
innovative money management strategies and unique investment opportunities particularly suited to high net worth individuals.


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