Wealth Management - Alternative Investments

The Alternative Investments Group offers high net worth and institutional investors the opportunity to participate in a wide range of non-traditional investment strategies. We believe that non-traditional strategies are an important part of a sophisticated investor's portfolio. Utilized properly, alternative investments can provide diversification and may help decrease overall investment risk.

We are a leader in offering innovative financial solutions, and we believe that investors who receive continuing guidance and services from professional advisers are best equipped to participate in today's complex financial markets. Our goal is to lower the barriers to alternative strategies by making them easier to understand and to include in investment disciplines when appropriate for suitable investors.



Hedge fund investing canies significant risks, including a complete loss of principal, and should be considered as a supplement to an investors investment program. The Alternative Investments Group's family of funds is available only to qualified investors: generally, individuals with a net worth of at least $1 -5 million and entities with total assets of with at least $5 million. Investing in hedge funds is not suitable for all investors.

Diversification through Alternative Strategies

While you may be able to achieve your financial goals with a portfolio of growth stocks or funds. these investments will likely react in the same manner to any changes in the market.  As a result. your portfolio could end up overexposed to market downturns. Alternative investments may provide diversification because they typically seek to have little or no correlation to traditional investments, and offer their own unique risk and return opportunities. By investing your portfolio in a mix of traditional and alternative investments, you can potentially reduce overall portfolio risk and enhance total return.


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