Asset Management

With half a century of experience, Oppenheimer Asset Management has earned a reputation for creativity, innovation and superior investment management. At Oppenheimer Asset Management, our clients have access to a team of specialists whose expertise spans many disciplines – from hedge funds to mutual funds, from domestic investments to offshore opportunities. We integrate traditional and non-traditional portfolios into a unified solution while offering ready access to managers we believe to be among the best in the investment management universe – both within and outside the firm. Oppenheimer Asset Management's team has the experience and training to address the diverse needs of our clients and help them move closer to their financial goals.

At Oppenheimer Asset Management, we carefully evaluate your financial goals, expectations, investment history and risk tolerance in designing your investment plan, because we believe your portfolio should stand on a solid foundation of our knowledge of you. We provide personalized investment solutions because we ask the right questions and have the integrated resources necessary to respond with the answers we believe are right for you. We provide a comprehensive wealth management product to you, based on an understanding of your complete financial situation. It is only with this depth of insight that we can create a portfolio designed to meet your investment needs.


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Client Focus

We are Deeply committed to our clients and offer the same level of service to investors of all sizes

Open Architecture

We foster a culture of independence and autonomy and offer clients direct access to decision-makers.

Heritage and Continuity

For more than 125 years we have provided our clients with the financial expertise and insight to meet their goals.