Equities & Fixed Income

Stocks represent shares of ownership in a corporation, whose value can rise or fall based on expectations of corporate earnings and performance. While stocks entail more risk than other types of financial assets in the short term, they offer strong potential for growth in the long term. In building wealth, equities can be a valuable component of your long-term investment strategy because of their growth potential. Investing in equities may help you outpace the effects of inflation as well, which is critical in protecting your wealth. Through Oppenheimer, you have access to a range of equity strategies that may fit into your overall investment plan.

Bonds are certificates of debt issued by the Federal government, states, cities, corporations, and other institutions to raise capital through borrowing. The issuer promises to pay the full face value plus regular interest by a specified future date, regardless of market volatility. Bonds can play an important role in your investment strategy, as they provide current steady income, preserve principal, and offer you the potential for capital appreciation. Oppenheimer offers a diversified selection of high quality securities in both taxable and tax-exempt fixed income strategies, with the objective of providing strong risk-adjusted rates of return.


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