Fixed Income Leadership and Contact Information

Robert Lowenthal
Senior Managing Director
Global Head of Fixed Income
Phone: (212) 667-5300

United States

Peter Albano
Managing Director
Global Head of Institutional Sales
Phone: (212) 667-7906

Stu Alper
Managing Director
Investment Grade Credit Trading
Phone: (212) 667-5049

Scott Butler
Managing Director
Retail Mortgage Trading
Phone: (212) 667-5281

Lee Cohen
Managing Director
US Government Treasury and Agency Trading
Phone: (212) 667-5266

Diane Fox
Managing Director
Retail Credit Trading
Phone: (212) 667-5040

Tom Nevin
Managing Director
Emerging Markets Trading
Phone: (212) 667-5052

Jane Ross
Managing Director
Institutional High Yield Sales
Phone: (212) 885-4646

Ed Tappan
Managing Director
Institutional Mortgage Trading
Phone: (212) 667-6220

Oppenheimer & Co. Inc.
85 Broad Street
New York, NY 10004


Lance Heatley
Managing Director
Europe Fixed Income
Phone: +44 - (0) - 207- 220-6850

Oppenheimer & Co. Inc. 
6 Gracechurch St
First Floor
London, EC3V-0AT


Cliff Huang
Managing Director
Asia Fixed Income
Phone: +8-523-658-7346

Unit 1001, 10/F Henley Building
5 Queen's Road Central
Hong Kong