Mutual Fund Services

Oppenheimer is committed to helping our clients achieve their financial objectives. Mutual Fund Services assists our Financial Advisors in building appropriate portfolios of mutual funds and identifying a vast assortment of funds. This process allows our Financial Advisors to have a more personal role with clients, guiding them in selecting mutual funds appropriate to their needs and their overall asset allocation. Our experienced Mutual Fund Services group has access to quantitative information on thousands of funds providing aid to our Financial Advisors in making recommendations to their clients.

Many other products available through the Mutual Fund Services include 529 plans, Offshore funds, Institutional Money Markets and Charitable Trusts/Donor Advised Funds. If you have an interest in any of these specialized products, please contact your Oppenheimer Financial Advisor for more information.

Our Consultative Approach

We have selling agreements with more than 300 fund families allowing for a broad selection of funds to fit your financial needs and objectives. We provide an objective, consultative approach to recommending funds and providing asset allocation. Our primary goal is to identify funds that we believe complement an overall portfolio strategy and can ultimately achieve your investment objectives.

In addition. we can also review your existing portfolio to see where changes may need to be made. We encourage you to contact your Oppenheimer Financial Advisor in order to get a comprehensive review and analysis completed.


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