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John Stoltzfus joined Oppenheimer as Managing Director and Chief Market Strategist in April 2012 from Ticonderoga Securities, LLC. A veteran of the financial services industry with over thirty years of experience in the financial markets, his work emphasizes inter-market analysis of multiple asset classes, combined in global market strategies.

John follows cyclical and secular trends, sectors, geopolitics and macroeconomics. He is known for the potential opportunities his analysis provides and his clear, often witty writing and presentations to clients and Financial Advisors alike. He finds question-and-answer periods to be especially helpful and enjoyable, because they enable him to maintain a dialogue that helps develop relationships that benefit Oppenheimer’s clients, the firm itself and the Financial Advisors who have arranged a meeting between him and their high-profile institutional and private clients.

“He appreciates question-and-answer periods, which help him create a dialogue that can deepen relationships with the potential to benefit Oppenheimer’s clients, our Financial Advisors and the firm itself.”

John joined Oppenheimer from Ticonderoga Securities, LLC. He also serves as an adjunct professor at the School of Continuing and Professional Studies at New York University, where he teaches two post-graduate courses: Inter-Market Analysis for Industry Professionals and Finance for Non-Finance Professionals. He has also worked as a Senior Market Strategist at Bank of America and a Vice President and Manager of Equity Marketing and Group Head of Domestic Equity Marketing.

“John’s ability to help build relationships between Financial Advisors and their clients is one of Oppenheimer’s advances in client service.”

His present responsibilities require him to speak with industry leaders and public sector executives. His ability to strengthen relationships with Financial Advisors and their clients is one of the advantages that Oppenheimer offers: the ability to work with the firm’s top-level talent. He has conducted exploratory trips to destinations in Asia, including China and Korea, to enable clients to observe in person what he has been talking about. In addition to NYU, he has lectured on global strategic outlooks at the University of South Florida and Chapman University.  When he is not on duty, he enjoys listening to blues and jazz. He is also a guitarist who plays country music at a professional level. He is bilingual in Spanish.


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John Stoltzfus

Managing Director - Chief Investment Strategist

Joined Oppenheimer In: 2012
Education: B.A. Colgate University

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Phone: (212) 667-8139

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