Banking Analyst Program




Thank you for your interest in our Investment Banking Analyst Program!


In Investment Banking, Analysts’ responsibilities can include:


  • Researching industry sector and capital markets insights
  • Assessing comparable companies, precedent transactions and potential investors/buyers
  • Preparing complex financial analyses and models
  • Crafting detailed memos, presentations and pitches
  • Conducting due diligence investigations
  • Participating in marketing and/or recruiting activities for the Firm


Our Analysts are trained, mentored and thoroughly reviewed throughout the program.


Analyst Recruiting Timeline


While introductory conversations may take place throughout the year, the official full-time analyst recruiting process begins in August and ends in November. Interested applicants are encouraged to apply early in order to be considered in the recruiting process.


An approximate timeline is below:


Application Review: August & September
1st Round Interviews: Mid-August - Mid-October
2nd Round Interviews: Late September - Late October


What to Expect During the Process


If your application is reviewed and selected, you can expect to be contacted for a 1st Round Interview. These take place either in person, on select campuses, or telephonically. They last 30 minutes and can include both 'fit' and 'technical' questions.


A small number of candidates are invited further to a series of 2nd Round Interviews during a 'Super Day'. Super Days are in person and generally take place in our New York City office. The day includes a series of 30 minute interviews, with each conversation focusing on fit, technical or a combination of both lines of questioning.


Candidates who participate in the 1st and 2nd Round of interviews can expect to be notified of their outcome in a timely manner.






Oppenheimer is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Who Can Apply?


  • Students must have an undergraduate degree, with a major in finance/accounting preferred
  • Prior work experience as a summer or full-time analyst at another investment bank is a plus
  • Strong quantitative, writing and interpersonal skills
  • Comfortable using Excel, Word, and PowerPoint


We take a very team-oriented approach and therefore, also focus on team chemistry in our hiring process.