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The mission of Oppenheimer's research department is to discover timely stock market opportunities that help our customers make enlightened and profitable investment decisions. Emphasis is placed on analyzing key fundamentals of corporate operations and industry conditions.

In order to more effectively meet our clients' needs, we strive to leverage our research capabilities. Our equity research focuses on the consumer and concentrates on those areas where they are likely to spend increased amounts of their wealth and income: healthcare, financial services, consumer products and technology. Coverage is increasingly devoted to small and to mid-cap stocks where one is more apt to find misvalued or misunderstood situations.

Oppenheimer analysts enjoy a solid reputation in their respective fields of coverage and are often sought out by the financial press and stock market broadcast media to present their enlightened opinions to readers and viewers nationwide. Our analysts average 10 or more years on Wall Street - often enhanced by years of prior industry experience. Our Investment Strategist is highly respected for his market interpretations and forecasts and is complemented by the work of our Market Technician. Various publications, research services and institutional portfolio managers that track stock-pick records and accuracy of earnings forecasts recognize our analysts consistently.

Another of the important features of Oppenheimer Research is the direct line of communication between the research department and the firm's more than 1,300 Financial Advisors.

Each Research Report is a PDF document and can be read with Adobe Acrobat Reader. This version could be considered the "official" document as all the tables and information are represented. Please log into your Oppenheimer Account to view Oppenheimer's Research.

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  • Analysts' Transparency Report
    *Oppenheimer & Co. Inc. now adheres to the California Investment Protection Standards which require, among other things, that the firm make publicly available (in a downloadable format), no later than 90 days after the conclusion of each quarter (beginning with the calendar quarter ended March 2009), the following information, if such information is included in any research report (other than any research report limited to purely quantitative analysis) prepared and furnished by the firm during the prior quarter: subject company, name(s) of analysts(s) responsible for certification of the report pursuant to Regulation AC, date of report, rating, price target, period within which the price target is to achieved, earnings per share forecast(s), period(s) for which such forecast(s) are applicable (e.g., 1Q09, FY09, etc.), and definition/explanation of ratings used by the firm.